Just Look in the Mirror

I’m wise to think that happiness comes from inside myself and not from outside.  Happiness, if we are fortunate enough to be happy, is part of who we are and not what we have now or might have in the future.  Looking to the future for our happiness makes happiness a very fleeting feeling, and what happens if we never get that “something to make me happy” thing?  Will I then be unhappy?  No, for me happiness is built inside me.  It’s part of who I am.  I realized this today when I was looking in the mirror.  I thought I looked terrible.  I was unhappy with how my hair looked although it was the same as it is every day.  I saw an unattractive guy looking back at me.  I was internally UNHAPPY.  But then I realized that yesterday I looked at the same guy in the mirror, at the same time of the day, and I was thinking that I was looking terrific.  I was happy to be the guy in the mirror on that day, unlike today where I was not too happy about being me.  It was at that moment I realized that the mirror saw me as exactly the same on both days.  My mood, and my attitude was the difference.  My happiness had nothing to do with how I looked.  It had nothing to do with anything on the outside but did have to do with everything on the inside.  If your happiness comes from outside yourself it can be lost, or taken away.  That seems like a precarious way to live.  If it emanates from within, it is mine, always mine, and I can have it for as long as I have my awareness.