In the Mirror

I look in the mirror and who do I see? I’m not sure at times if it’s you or it’s me.

I’m trying hard to shake you, to get myself free. I want to go on with my life, but you won’t let me be.

For forty eight years you were hidden inside. You represented my fears, anxiety and false pride.

Placed so long ago, by one who certainly cared, I wandered through life very afraid. Very scared.

As I realize the difference between us, my friend, I hope that you recognize your impending end.

For to know that I am NOT you, and never will be, makes this road that I’m on lead straight to me.

What’s Love Today?

Thinking of how much I love you, takes a large part of my day.

So now I’m sitting here and thinking…What’s love today?

It’s relating to love songs… It’s having you in my sight.

It’s the feeling I get when I whisper goodnight.

It’s the softness of pillows, and the smell of your hair.

It’s all in the knowing that you’ll always be there.

It’s the excitement that’s attached to your every breath and touch.

It’s the emotion I feel from just two words…”so much”

Its tears of joy in my heart, when I think of being with you,

It’s the thought of our future, and all that we’ll do.

Never Too Far Away

The direction of my life was always to head for the sun;

I could never go back until I knew I was done.

Searching for so long on wings tired and weak;

For things that I felt, but dared never speak.

So much has changed through all that I do;

Only one thing is constant, my friendship with you.

Flying high over life, trying to find a good day;

You were always beside me, never too far away.

That Place

        That place was so beautiful, so alluring; its flora seemed to grow from within;           So inviting, so unobtainable, so out of reach.

                I’d pass the window every day, for what seemed like my whole life.                              I was dying to see in that place, to become familiar with its innermost secrets.

It was so inviting, so unobtainable, so out of reach.

           Some days if the sun was just right, when the world seemed just right I’d                               catch a glimpse.  I thought I was seeing in; was it possible?                                      But no, it was always out of reach.

It’s today.

How I lived without knowing that place, I will never understand.  It held the answer to questions I only briefly considered.  It opened me up to feelings I never had before.

The day I entered that place, I knew I would never leave.


What If?

What if I were starving and food was just at hand:

Should I be reluctant to take it from you…man?

What if food was not deprived, and you were not a man;

If you had the thing I need, should I take it from YOUR hand?

What if to be happy, I needed something from you indeed;

If you were the only provider, how long till I should feed.

What if it was meant for another; should I take it anyway?

Doesn’t pride count for anything, is it worth it just to play?

What if it took a lifetime, to figure out what to do?

Looking back I’d feel crazy, to have played this game with you.


What if the price to pay for my need was very great;

It is possible that fulfillness does not mean satiate.


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