Make a Wish

Last night was our wedding anniversary.  Pat and I are married 16 years.  It was my greatest blessing to have found Pat, (even though we knew each other for so long) and for us to have gotten together.  Of course, we’ve had our ups and downs, but through all these years never once did we ever waver in the thought that it was meant to be for us to share our lives.  

Last night to celebrate we went to a very nice steak house for dinner.  I was so glad that we were there just the two of us.  We sat and talked about the past many years that we are together.  Reminiscing about a shared life is so enjoyable.  We spoke about our first feelings for each other, our first dates, trips, and past dreams and wishes that came true.  Our conversation was just so special.  It was an intimacy that I truly cherish.  (It’s like sex without the ecstasy).  It’s certainly a manifestation of our deep love for each other.   Anyway, they were so nice at this restaurant that they acknowledged our special occasion and brought us a cake with a candle.  Pat said, make a wish and we will blow it out together.  I thought for a few seconds and could not come up with a wish.  So, when we blew out the candle my wish was just that Pat should get her wish.  Then Pat asked me what my wish was.  I got a little choked up when I told her that I couldn’t think of anything to wish for.  I realized at that moment, that sitting there in that restaurant, with that woman, with our life exactly as it was, I had already received all that I ever wanted.