The Dress Rehearsal

The Dress Rehearsal

I was very excited to see the dress rehearsal for Emma’s ballet recital.  When I first heard that Pat and I would be in Italy during the actual recital I was nothing short of seriously disappointed.  Then, as always, my daughter-in-law Lauren comes to the rescue and tells us about the dress rehearsal.  That was a few months ago and from that moment on I could not wait to see Emma dance.  Having sons, and not having Caitlin in my life when she was young, I never went to a recital.  I was very nervous for Emma, and when she first entered the huge Northport HS auditorium and said with slight terror in her voice, “This is not my dance class”, I became worried.  She certainly looked the part, with her tutu, butterfly wings, ballet slippers and face completely made up.  I was nervous for her and kept telling myself, and anyone who would listen that it doesn’t matter how she does but only matters that she is participating and, yes of course she gets a pass because she is only 3 years old!

Finally, the time comes and they call her age group to go backstage and get ready to do their three-minute number.  The music starts and the girls come out in a line and she is the last one on the right.  I immediately get uncontrollably emotional.  Even before she starts dancing the tears are flowing, and I am telling myself that I must get under control.   “Alan, you will be so embarrassed if anyone sees you cry”, I am thinking.  I try to fight back the tears but realize that it’s impossible, and default to just keep myself from whimpering.  That in itself was an effort.  I was really worried that I would be embarrassed.  The dance was soon over, I am wiping the tears from my eyes, hoping no one would notice when I looked up and to my relief and amazement Pat, Lauren, Jonny, and Sunny were all crying as well.

Remarkable what a little girl can do to a bunch of grownups who love her so much.



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