Ed Paymer’s Funeral

This morning I went to Joel Paymer’s dad’s funeral.  I’m friends with Joel for a long time and yet I never met his dad.  I really enjoyed the funeral because I got a glimpse of who this man was and I was impressed.  The son of a rabbi, he was a true giver, in a time when our culture is so self-centered.  There were over a hundred comments on Facebook about Ed, from a business perspective as well as personal, how he positively affected people’s lives.  Gratitude was a theme for many comments.  What a legacy!  People were grateful for having known Ed Paymer.  I pride myself on being able to read between the lines.  There were fewer basic “sorry for your loss” comments, and many more comments about how he changed someone’s life, or was a pleasure to know, or how important he was to someone.  His niece spoke at the funeral about how for many years while she was a child he would take her and her brother to shows and events, and how important he was to her.  I was moved by that.  It’s pretty special for an uncle to make such an impression on a niece like Ed did with his niece.  Ed Paymer must have been a wonderful father to have grown up with.  I can see why Joel and his family has such positive attitudes.  As they were wheeling out the casket, I noticed Joel and Doug talking and they had smiles on their face.  I could see that while they will miss him, because a man of this quality is always missed, they will probably celebrate his life for the remainder of theirs.

I can’t help but think that Ed left so much to so many people.  While it seemed easy for him, for so many of us it is not so easy.  Someone said during the eulogy that he treated everyone he met like a best friend.  In contemplation of myself, I can honestly say that I can use some improvement in that area.  I think many people can.

The impact that Ed Paymer had on everyone who he came in contact with was pretty amazing.  While I never got to know him, Ed Paymer, even in death had a profound effect on me.  It’s extraordinary how goodness, positivity, and love can truly affect the world.

I was moved this morning, and I feel better for having been to my friend’s dads funeral.

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