# 67

Yesterday was #67.  My birthdays have come in all sizes and shapes.  One of my first, which I still have the video of, was in apartment 6J on Burnett Street.  It was the 1950’s and my parents had their friends and their friends’ kids there.  A party in our small apartment, with cake, birthday hats and what looks today like very odd clothing. (Do you remember that day, Lloyd?) I never imagined at that time what lay in store for me in those next 66 years.  While I try to live in the moment, when I do look back, I cannot believe the things I have done, been through, experienced, and felt.  I’ve loved, been loved, am still loved, and for this I am so grateful.  I share my life with Pat, someone who if I created the perfect person to be with would be her.  I share my life with children and grandchildren, who give me love and joy to the fullest measure, and who give me so much, that I only pray I can give back to them what they give to me.  And I share my life with friends, from all the corners of my life, who have seen me through trials and tribulations I never imagined I would go through, as well as sharing all the goodness my life has been.

For this I have the highest amount of gratitude.

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