Enough is Enough

Today a book by Bob Woodward came out disclosing how Trump knew about the seriousness of Covid-19 in the beginning of February.  He played tapes of Trump’s own voice saying how it was a very serious disease.  He then for the next month told the American people that it was not a serious problem and that one day soon it would just go away.  He did this, downplaying the virus for political reasons.  Now, 200,000 American deaths later I (we) realize that this is proof that he manipulated politics and many American’s died because of it.  I was upset with this disclosure and wrote a Facebook post insulting Trump and anyone who voted for him.  I realized, a short time later, that I might be alienating people close to me, friends and family.  I also realized that I have become part of the “divisiveness problem” in our nation.  So I wrote this on Facebook. 

Note to my Facebook Friends

First of all, I want to apologize if I have offended anyone with my most recent comments about Donald Trump. 

I only have my personal opinions, and they are no more valid than anyone else’s opinion.   During this time in our history so much rhetoric, and politics affect us.  It is hammered into us daily, by both sides, especially so close to an election.  I realize that most likely how we each feel about the coming election will not change, because we have formed our personal opinions based on how we each see the world, and that differs greatly from person to person.  So many people that I love, admire, and respect for things other than politics have different opinions than I.  It would be a sin to hurt those very important relationships. 

Therefore, I pledge to keep my opinions to myself from now until the election.  I pledge to not have inflammatory conversations with anyone regarding these topics, and most important, I PLEDGE TO VOTE ON NOVEMBER 3, and live with the decision the great people of the United States will make on election day.

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