I believe that we are connected to the universe in many ways.  The universe (all that is) communicates with us.  To understand that communication we need to get past our ego (mind) and stop its incessant chatter.    I do this with meditation.  So if we learn to quiet our mind how do we know when the universe is communicating with us?  I feel signals and I call those signals intuition.  We can all identify with our intuition, that feeling we get once in a while about things.  I know that intuition is usually over shadowed by my ego.  The voice in my head does not want me to live in the moment and to be clear about things.  My ego has its own needs.

I get these internal cues once in a while.  if we just pay attention, our intuition tells us what to do.   When something feels right it is the universe behind us telling us that we should go forward.  When something doesn’t feel right and I get that nagging feeling that it is wrong, then it is a warning from the energies of the universe telling me to reconsider.  I remember so many errors I made in my life.  Those times I felt the foreboding feeling to not go forward and both times my ego stepped in and pushed me in the direction which turned out to be the wrong direction.  First, when I bought stores many years ago in NJ I just knew that it was a mistake.  I even drove the area and felt it was wrong and had specific reasons why it was wrong, but my ego wanted to feel it was moving forward towards success and had strong “wishful thinking” about a success in that venture.  Wishful thinking is the ego pushing its weight around.  I opened two locations and suffered for a few years before I got out of a bad situation.    My calculating mind gave me so many reasons to go forward and buy the stores.  My ego used calculations to convince me, and used my goals and dreams against me and my better judgement, and so I didn’t make the right decision.  I “knew” it was wrong and yet so much ego reasoning gave me confidence to go on against that “knowing” that I was making a mistake.

The other time that this happened I was in a relationship.  Actually this happened many times in the same relationship.  Each time I knew it was a mistake to be with my partner, and yet each time my ego took over and “forced” me into a bad decision.  When we first broke up it was me that made the decision.  I knew that she and I should not be together but I got lonely and very insecure and that insecurity was certainly ego driven.  My mind told me that the pain of insecurity would go away if we got back together.  It seemed like a no brainer at the time to just get back together and feel better for the moment.  But at the same time there were subtle cues, just “knowing” that it was a wrong decision but the need for short term gain was strong and so we got back together.  Then a few years later I had clarity for just a moment and tried to end the relationship.    Her emotional reaction and my ego clouded my intuition once again. I “knew” it was a mistake but did not follow my deepest feelings.

We are part of the universe.  Our true self is connected as is all living things.  We live with a cloud around us (our ego) which keeps us from seeing this.  Yet, once in a while when things are just right we get a glimpse of reality, not the cloud but what is real.  Our intuition is part of what is real, and my goal is to be able to see this more clearly as the fog of my ego dissipates.

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